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2021 Summer Clinic...

Yes, we know....the season just ended, but it's never the wrong time to think HOCKEY!!!! For those that know how to skate and want to learn how to play hockey or for those that want to improve their skills for next year.

Registration for the Summer Clinic is now open.....Click Here to Register

Interested in becoming a coach???

Click here to go to the coaches page where you can read resources and fill out a coaching application.

LVSHL - Lehigh Valley Scholastic Hockey League COVID Information Page

Here you will find the latest documentation from the league on their COVID policies.

Note: COVID Guideline Changes

  • MASKS MUST BE WORN BY EVERYONE, INCLUDING COACHES, PLAYERS, REFEREES, SPECTATORS(DURING GAMES)AT ALL TIMES INSIDE THE RINK, THIS INCLUDES THE PLAYERS WHILE ON THE ICE - the latest league policy allows for players to pull the masks down from their mouth and noses while skating, but must put them back while on the bench. Coaches should be enforcing this.
  • FOR GAMES ONLY - One spectator per player that can enter through the warm room doors 10 minutes prior to the start of the game and must wear a mask at all times and social distance while inside the facility. Spectators are not allowed on the first level of the rink
  • Locker rooms will be closed for all AAHA sanctioned hockey events, which includes our practices and games
  • Players can either come to the facility fully dressed or they can get dressed in the parking lot. We suggest that if they get dressed in the parking lot, they wear a full layer of undergarments(dri fit pants and shirts) so we are not breaking any SafeSport guidelines.
  • No players will enter the rink until all people from the previous event have exited, except for goalies. Once the previous event ends and the zamboni enters the ice, the goalies can enter and use an open common area to get dressed.
  • Once all persons from the previous event have left the rink, we will let 5 players in at a time to put their skates, helmets, and gloves on and the officials will let those players onto the ice surface as the next 5 players enter. Please coordinate with the other team's coaches and managers as to who enters first.
  • FOR GAMES ONLY - the visiting team should get their skates on in the common area by the locker rooms (closest to the Away bench) and the home team should get their skates on in the common area on the other side of the pro shop.
  • No hockey bags will be allowed inside the rink(except for goalies), so a small grocery bag would be great to carry skates, helmet and gloves.
  • If players have personal items (cell phone, wallet, etc.), please ask them to give these items to their parents, leave at home, or in a locked car. The Rink, the LVSHL, or Parkland Ice Hockey will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Players will not shake hands after the game, but stand in line at opposing blue lines and tap sticks for the other team.
  • After the game, the officials should allow the coaches to allow players 5 at a time off the ice to remove their skates, gloves and helmets and exit immediately so the next 5 can leave.
  • The above guidelines must also be followed in a similar manner with regards to our practices on Sunday nights
  • As we have seen changes from week to week, please be flexible while adhering to the rules. We are starting to see an increased number of positive COVID cases in the local travel hockey teams, so we really need to be diligent.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Rob Bilger, Patrick Mckeon,  Jenn Marsteller (Head of Managers), or Nick  Phillips(PIHC Head of Coaches and COVID Representative).

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  • If you are interested in becoming a coach for next season, please fill out an application located on the Quick Access>For Coaches page

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The Parkland Ice Hockey Club encourages girls and boys of all ages to participate and to support inclusiveness in this awesome game. Play hard, play with respect, have FUN!

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